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I wanted to keep writing but somehow did not continue doing(mainly due to laziness), I am planning to restart the blog writing by last quoting some of the interesting blogs that I read during the week.


outrage over DNA testing for UK asylum seekers(genetic future)

genomic history of breast cancer revealed(omics ! omics !)


R Commander: A Basic statistics GUI for R(getting genetics done)

The informatics of new sequencing technologies(genetic future)


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Got introduce to Twitter very recently and only today I checked what it was. The main goal of twitter as they say on their website, is to easily keep contact with close friends. But for me Twitter has a completely different use. I have decided to use twitter to update my daily activities and see how I can get more productive.

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It is a tool that have using for managing my scientific reference papers. It is one of the best tools for that I have used so far. I have been using it for the last two months, still learning its features but I am really excited about the tool. I don’t have to print the paper and highlight the important points, file it away in the cabins and then start searching for it later. Oh what a relief !!. Thanks to the great folks of George Mason University’s Center for History and New Media for having produced such a software.

But the sad thing is that I need to maintain the same set of files on both my laptop and desktop as the reference material is stored in the hard disk. I cannot directly one from the other :(. But there are several new features being added to zotero to make it more powerful, so I am sure this will be taken into account.

All in all I feel Zotero is an essential tool for anyone doing research online.

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Error bars are almost shown in most of graphs used in research papers. In my experience not many of us give much importance to the error bars, questions about it only come from the group leader or the bosses. In several papers, the figure legends never describe kind of error bars used. Even in my statistics classes in biology the importance of error bars and their interpretation was never explained. Came across this nice paper in Journal of Cell Biology explaining usage of error bars in experimental biology.

They explain the different types of error bars used for descriptive and inferential statistics. The formulas are well explained and illustrated with good biological examples.

Cumming, G., Fidler, F., Vaux, D.L. (2007). Error bars in experimental biology. The Journal of Cell Biology, 177(1), 7-11. DOI: 10.1083/jcb.200611141

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Sounds interesting, hopefully will joined in by more people soon.

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joke of the day

A student was aked to draw the structure of a bacterial cell, after few minutes the student hands in a blank paper. When the teacher asked him why he had not drawn the structure, the student replies

“I have drawn the structure, but as you taught us last week, you are not able to see it with your naked eyes” !!

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My first Blog

This is my first blog entry. I have been a regular blog reader on various issues from politics, ecnomics to lots and lots of science blogs and passed lots of comments.  Then I decided to blog myself to share my daily life in science, keep record of the papers I read and most importantly to learn to express on own views on various scientific ideas, experiments and hypothesis rather than remain a causal observer.  My research interest inlcude transcription regulation, evolutionary biology and behavourial genetics.

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